If you haven’t watched “The Ataxian” movie, we highly recommend renting or purchasing the the movie. It has won several awards and has been reviewed by many critics. One of our favorite reviews is by The New York Times and this is just an excerpt from that review:

“A couple of years back, the ice bucket challenge was a social-media sensation, raising an estimated $115 million for research into amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Not all such ailments receive that kind of visibility — or promotion. Friedreich’s ataxia, a little-known, progressive, fatal neuromuscular disease, has no cure; most heartless of all, its onset usually occurs in young children, who are unlikely to reach the age of 30.

The Ataxian” follows Kyle Bryant, an athletic, charismatic Californian with the disease whose ability to walk and speak has already been impaired, as he channels his energy into raising awareness and money for research. He wants, he says, “to do something crazy!” and assembles a team of four bicyclists — including himself (on a recumbent bike) and Sean Baumstark, a friend who also has the disease — to take part in Race Across America, an annual competition that covers 3,000 miles in nine days…”

– By Daniel M. Gold, The New York Times

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