2018 Fundraiser

Jumpin’ for Jazz Benefit Concert

Dear Friends:
On behalf of Virgil Harris and his daughter, Jazmyne, THANK YOU to all who joined us at the Jazz Kitchen June 10! If you were there, you felt the magic in the room.
Thanks to your support and generosity, more than $2,000 will go to support research into Friedreich’s Ataxia and to families dealing with the disease. Your contributions mean the world to the Harris family and to everyone coping with FA.
We were thrilled to hear Dr. Mark Payne explain that clinical trials can begin within a year or so for his drug (Chondrial Therapeutics, Inc) to treat FA, and that the funds we’re raising will help establish dosage guidelines for the treatment he’s developing. Isn’t it gratifying to know that there’s hope for those dealing with FA — and for millions dealing with genetic mitochondrial diseases?
Jumpin for Jazz, Inc.